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Finding comfortable shoes online can be a tricky task. Many brands seem to be designed for style, rather than substance.

This site contains a wide range of articles aimed at helping you to find shoes that are right for you - that means that we concentrate on products that are comfortable, as well as stylish.

How you go about choosing shoes is very much up to you, but many people find that our advice guides are a good starting point. We're big fans of a number of ranges, including Fly Flots and Cosy Feet. We don't try to hide the fact that we like those brands and we're equally not keen to suggest shoes that we simply don't think would be right for you.

Fly Flot

Why Fly Flots?

So why is it that we really like FlyFlots? There are a number of reasons, but the main one is that these are shoes that are good for your feet. Finding shoes that are both stylish and comfortable isn't always easy.

We may often find ourselves sacrificing comfort in favour of choosing footwear that will simply look good. The great thing about Fly Flot shoes is that you won't find yourself having to make a choice between comfort and fashion: they allow you to have both!

Some shoes that are advertised as being comfy don't always live up to expectations. With Fly Flots, you don't have such problems - it's clear that they score well in reviews and that many people come back to buy again and again. We think that's a sign that they offer quality and are able to meet expectations.

One issue with many brands of comfortable shoes is that people worry that they won't look good, or that there will be a limited range of options available. Once again, that's not a problem in this case. With Fly Flots, you can choose from a wide range of different footwear and choose a style of shoe that you're happy with.

Finding these Italian shoes here in the UK is not always easy, but we've listed a number of retailers who sell them online at discount prices. By taking advantage of the latest deals, you can get some real bargains!

Buying Shoes Online

One thing that concerns many people is the fear that buying shoes online is a difficult process. The reality is that it needn't be, but there's no doubt that many UK shoppers do struggle.

A key concern is the thought that it's not easy to try shoes on at home. This can be a real problem, particularly if you're someone who consistently struggles to find shoes that offer real comfort. So should you completely give up on shopping in this way?

You could take this option, but it's worth bearing in mind that there are numerous benefits to online footwear shopping. The most obvious one is price - there are some great deals available online and we're able to point you in the direction of some offers that could save you up to 70% when compared to traditional high street prices.

Another key advantage is the choice that you'll have available. Unfortunately, many traditional retailers will be restricted by the space that they have available to them. This means that they may have limited stock. You'll also find that comparing prices between stores may mean a drive across town. With online shopping you can be sure that you're getting access to a wide range of offers, without having to deal with the hassles.

What about the issue of "trying before you buy"? It's clear that this is a concern to many. Our advice is to look at the returns policy of stores before you buy. That's why we feature internet retailers that do offer flexible returns options. That way, you aren't going to be stuck with shoes that simply aren't right for you.

Fly Flot Shoes

Official shoe retailers

Where possible we've tried to focus our attention solely on stores that are official retailers of the various footwear products that we've taken a look at.

We make no excuse for this - when you deal with an authorised store you can expect to receive good quality products at competitive prices.

Buying Advice

Not sure about buying online? Our buying guide is a good place to start. We also offer a comparision chart on shoe sizes - a lot of people find this extremely interesting, since UK shoe sizing differs considerably from that used in Europe and the US.

Voucher Codes

We also offer some great voucher codes, enabling you to make big savings when buying fly flots and other shoes online from UK retailers.